Final Stages In Death  

The final stages of death start with the body’s mechanisms shutting down one after the other. There are a number of outward indications of impending death, like loss of appetite, thirst and sleep, restlessness, incontinence, change in color, disorientation, changes in breathing pattern, congestion, and wishing to be alone or with just a few close family members.

When a person is dying, he or she will refuse to eat or drink. So, do not try to force-feed under any circumstances, since this is an indication from the body processes have started shutting down, and hence, dehydration will not affect him at all. Instead, give him or her small ice chips or popsicles if he wants, since these can make his mouth feel refreshed. Sleeping will play a major role during the final stages of death, but keep communicating with him. Even though you will not get any response, his or her hearing will not be affected till later, so speak normally and say all those things you wanted to share.

A person, who is dying, would not like having too many people around them during their final hours. So, respect their wish and let them be in a peaceful setting, either on their own or with just one or two of his closest family members or friends. Incontinence will also occur, so make arrangements to keep him clean at all times. He will also experience what is called terminal restlessness; let him pull at the bed linen or exhibit all the actions his body chooses to. Be normal, gently rub his forehead or play soft music. 

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Final Stages In Death




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