What Is The Average Cost For Cremation Services ?  

More families are opting to cremate their loved ones due to the rising cost of burials. The cost of cremation services actually depend on what options the family members select. On an average, basic cremation services cost less than $1,000, but if the family wants more extravagance, then the cost can run to thousands of dollars. The average cost for cremation services ranges from $700 to $1,000.

Compared to a burial, cremation services are extremely cheap and reasonable. This is the main reason that more and more families in the US are tilting towards cremation. According to an article in The New York Times, the average cost of a burial in the US is a whopping $6,000, an amount that not all families can spare. However, the cost of a cremation works out one-fifth of a burial's cost. Also, cremations offer more flexibility to the grieving family members. There are no time constraints on family to ensure that the decaying body is buried without delay. A cremation can be scheduled as per convenience of the family and the funeral service can be held even after the cremation. In addition, the process is eco-friendly as less number of trees has to cut to make a coffin and there is no need to worry about the embalming liquid seeping into the ground and polluting it. 

However, the cost of cremation services is also dependent on where the decease lived. In a more populated area, the cost will be higher as the demand will be more. On the other hand, in a less populated area, the cost of cremation services will be lower, and one can expect the cost to be anywhere from $360 to $1,100.  Generally, if a funeral home is used, then the cost of cremation will be around $1,000 to $1,200 and will include transporting the body to the crematory and arranging the basic things for the cremation. This cost can be brought down by directly dealing with the crematory.

While cremations are cheaper compared to burials, a person should not forget other associated costs that can add up and make the entire process expensive. The cost of transporting the body and the storage of the remains can really take a toll on a person if they are not careful. Generally, the cost of transportation depends on the distance to the destination; and storage of the remains is done by way of an urn. An urn can be simple and inexpensive, or it can cost a bomb. 

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What Is The Average Cost For Cremation Services




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