Day Care For Elderly  

Day care centers for the elderly offer supervised care for senior citizens, usually on a short term basis. The number of such centers in the United States has increased over the past few years, partly because of the financial support being extended to encourage such alternatives to traditional rehabilitation facilities.

A day care center for seniors can fall in any one of these three categories -- social adult day care, medical or health adult day care, or specialized day care. Social adult day care is based on the concept of social interaction, and day to day activities at such centers usually involve recreational programs, meals and basic medical attention.

For those with severe health issues and the need for constant medical attention, there are centers that offer medical or health adult day care, with advanced medical facilities. Finally there are day care centers that offer specialized adult day care, meant for those with conditions like Alzheimer's. Each day care center provides customized services that suit the individual needs of every elder, like help with daily activities, physical, speech or occupational therapy, counseling, and activities like music and art.

The benefits of an adult day care center are many. For the caregiver, it allows him or her to lead a normal life, go to work, etc., without having to worry about the elder. Care giving can get too stressful after a while, and hence it also provides the necessary respite. The elder too benefits from the time spent at the day care center. The group sessions with peers and the assistance from trained professionals can go a long way in making the elder feel better on a day to day basis.

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Day Care For Elderly




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