Tips For Taking Care Of Elderly  

It may sound strange to you, but if you have to care good care of the elderly, you must first take good care of yourself! It is only when you are at the top of your game, robust, active and mentally at peace, can you do a good job of taking care of an elderly.

Apart from exercising regularly and eating well, make sure you have at least a couple of days off from care-giving every week. If you and your family enjoy being around the elderly family member, then you can plan fun indoor games or a backyard picnic every now and then. However, most people find the job quite stressful, especially when there are midnight trips to the pharmacy, running errands regularly and having to lose plenty of sleep. If you fall in this category, then some time off is a must. Let another family member or a professional caregiver take over for that day and you go out and do things that make rejuvenate you.

Next, involve your family in looking after the elder at home; that way you will not get too exhausted and the kids too can have some quality time with the grandparent.

Work out a routine so that work, school and errands do not get affected and everyone gets to live their own lives plus spends time with the elder family member. Keep a happy vibe at home and let the elderly person have enough social interactions with people whom he likes -- it is crucial for both his physical as well as emotional wellbeing.

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Tips For Taking Care Of Elderly




Cost-Of-Elderly-Health-Care      The average cost of elderly health care is around $5,531 each year. Often family members need to miss work so that they can stay at home and look after the elderly. If this leads to loss of income then things can get even worse, since apart from providing hands-on care, there are a number of expenses that need to met, like medicines, doctors’ fees, food and medical equipments, like wheelchairs and toilet seat raisers. More..




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Tips For Taking Care Of Elderly )
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