Advantages And Disadvantages For Assisted Living  

As a person grows old, many questions are raised about where the person is going to live. While most seniors want to live at home, close to their friends, acquaintances and family, there are some who just cannot live on their own. Such seniors may end up choosing assisted living. When it comes to an assisted living, there are advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed before making a decision.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of assisted living are discussed below.

When ill health becomes a problem for a senior and they are unable to take care of themselves, an assisted living facility may be the answer. This is especially true if the senior is not yet ready for a nursing home. Usually, when a senior is unable to take care of themselves, friends and family pitch in. However, at times this can be overwhelming for the carers. Hence, in such a case, it is best for the senior to move into an assisted living facility where they can get help for their daily living activities.

If has also been noticed that seniors often find it difficult to maintain their homes, cook their meals, maintain their garden and keep track of their medication. They also tend to feel lonely, especially if they have lost their spouse. Such seniors can be scammed or taken advantage of. In such a case, an assisted living facility not only provides companionship, leisure activities, but also keeps the senior save from scam artists or possible burglars.

If a senior has a cognitive problem that is not so severe, assisted living facility is ideal for such a person. Not only will they have their privacy, they will also have friends and caregivers to help them with tasks that they find difficult.

Tasks like bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, eating and going to the doctor for an appointment, are often part and parcel of an assisted living facility. So, family members do not have to worry about their loved ones or leave their chores to come and help the person with their daily living tasks.

While there are advantages to assisted living facilities, there are also some disadvantages. For many seniors, it is not the best option, as they prefer living in their own homes and are comfortable staying in their familiar surroundings. When these seniors are moved to an assisted living facility, they may get depressed and feel isolated from friends and family. Seniors may also feel that they are no longer independent and have to rely on someone else for everything.

If the senior has been living alone for several years, they may not like the idea of moving to an assisted living facility and socializing with other residents. This could be particularly hard if the senior has to share the room with another resident.

Also, some facilities may not allow pets or smoking, and these rules could be inconvenient for a senior, who wants to smoke or bring along a pet. Also, the meal timings, the kind of meals served and the type of activities that the facility has could be quite different from what the senior is used to.

However, the biggest disadvantage of an assisted living facility perhaps is the associated cost. Most facilities charge a base monthly amount and extra for certain services. If the senior does not qualify for Medicaid, they would have to pay from their own pocket. As a result their life saving will finish paying for living in the facility.

It has also been seen that assisted living is not the best solution for seniors with medical conditions, as these facilities do not provide healthcare services. So, such seniors are at risk and would be better of in a nursing home.

While assisted living can help seniors with their medication, they are not allowed to administer the medication. Hence, those that require medication will just be handed over the pills, but there will be no one to supervise whether the senior has taken the pills.

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