Question To Ask About Assisted Living  

If you are looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, then you should know what questions to ask. Some of the questions to ask about assisted living include details about the staff’s qualification, the level of care the facility offers, whether it accepts Medicaid, what is the basic cost of the facility, what services cost additional and what activity programs they have.

Selecting an assisted living facility is not easy, as you will be removing your loved one from home and putting them into a facility away from home. Hence, it is imperative you select the right facility from the very beginning. The facility should be able to take care of the elderly person’s needs, while ensuring that the person also has companionship and activities to keep him/her busy. Hence, it is important to ask questions about the assisted living facility.

The level of care perhaps is one of the most important questions that you should address the facility. This level can differ significantly from one facility to another. First, speak to a doctor to figure out the medical needs your loved one requires presently and the needs that may arise in the future. Once you get the details, check with the facility whether they can provide all the care that you loved one needs or may need. Also, when visiting the assisted living facility, carefully check out the residents. It will give you an idea how they are cared for. Make sure to ask the facility whether it has doctors and whether they are equipped to handle a medical emergency. Make sure that the facility has all the necessary licenses and will not ask your loved one to leave if their health worsens.

If the facility can provide the care for your loved one, then find out about the cost and the payment mode. You should also make an effort to find out about the services that would cost extra. Most assisted living facilities accept Medicaid, but also find out whether health-related services are covered by Medicare. Make sure you understand all that is covered in the monthly fee and what you have to pay over and above.

Another important question to ask is the meal. Remember, mealtimes are when residents get together and spend time. Hence, it is important that mealtimes should be fun. Also, the quality of the meal should be good, as it will have a direct effect on the health of the inmates.

Activities that an assisted living facility has are important from social as well as mental aspect. This would be the time when the inmates bond socially and exercise their bodies and minds. Hence, activities should be fun and entertaining. They should also be geared for seniors with different mobility levels. So, you should also spend time finding out the kind of activities the facility offers to the residents.

Staff are very important for an assisted living facility, as they will be responsible for keeping the residents clean, dressing them up and ensuring their overall wellbeing. The staff is also responsible for keeping the facility clean. Check out how the residents speak to the staff and what the response of the staff is to the residents. Observe the cleanliness of the facility. Make sure that you find out about the number of staff the facility has. There should be enough of them.

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