What Should Be Documented In Assisted Living Facilities ?  

If you want to save taxes on medical treatment, then it is imperative that you know what should be documented in assisted living facilities. Furthermore, there is also the documentation that the facilities should have which is considered mandatory. So, basically there are two parts to what should be documented.

When it comes to documentation of assisted living for tax deduction purposes, the person should be have a certificate stating that he or she is chronically ill. This certificate should be issued by a doctor or qualified medical professional. The medical expense should be 7.5 percent or more of the person’s adjusted gross income. And finally, the care that the senior person requires should be outlined in detail and mentioned as a certified care plan. This care plan must be issued by the healthcare professional who is responsible for caring for the senior in the assisted living facility.

With these documents, the person can get a tax deduction when paying income tax every year. These are the things should be documented in assisted living facilities if residents want to avail tax credits.

Now coming to the assisted living facilities. All facilities that offer assisted living should have licenses and details of the services they offer. In addition, they should a resident assessment form, resident service plan and a resident agreement. These should be documented at the time when negotiations are finalized. This will ensure that the senior person gets the best possible care when he or she moves into the assisted living facility.

Furthermore, when a resident requires medication, the facility should also have a record for the same. In such an instance, assistance will be given to the resident for taking the medication, and the record of administration has to be kept in the form of Medication Self Administration record. However, if the resident does not require assistance, then such a record is not necessary.

The facility also has to keep records of the meals served to residents and the same has to be provided to the necessary authorities. If a resident is not eating the food provided, it has to be reported to the concerned supervisor of the facility and a record has to be maintained of the same. Furthermore, the facility should check the weight of the resident when he or she enters the facility and thereafter annual weight checkup has to be performed. The record of the weight has to be maintained by the facility.

In addition, assisted living facilities have to keep a record of the activities that they have each month for the residents. The records of these activities have to be maintained for a minimum of 3 months, depending on the jurisdiction.

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