How To Choose Nursing Home ?  

When a loved one requires nursing home care, it can be one of the toughest decisions to make. First accepting that the loved one requires nursing care and then trying to find one that suits your loved one's needs can drive a person mad. However, if you follow a few pointers, it is not that difficult to choose a nursing home for a loved one.


Some of the factors that a person should be looking at when trying to choose a nursing home are whether it is part of the Medicare program, where the nursing home is located, whether it has the services that your loved one requires and whether it complies with the standards stipulated by the government. Senior abuse in nursing homes is a problem that many people do not like to address. Unfortunately it exists and hence, it is important that you choose a nursing home with utmost care for your elderly parent or senior family member.

Usually, nursing care is expensive. The average cost of nursing care is about $200 a day, an amount that not many people can pay in the long run and hence have to rely on Medicare. There is an option of going for home care or in-house care. However, the nursing home should be certified by Medicare for offering these options and only then would Medicare pay for the nursing care. However, at the same time, it is important to remember that Medicare will pay just for short term nursing care. Nonetheless, it is advisable to opt for Medicare certified nursing home as one that is not certified has the right to evict a resident once the resident's health insurance and/or money gets over.

Location is another factor when selecting a nursing home. The nursing home should be conveniently located close to your home, so that you can visit your loved one easily instead of taking long drives. This way you will be motivated to meet the person more often. Also, it has been observed that people who have visitors tend to recover faster, as they know they are loved and wanted.

The type of care and the quality of the care should also be one of the criteria for selecting a nursing home. If a nursing home has too many complaints against it, it may not be the right place for your loved one. Just inspecting the nursing home is not sufficient to get an accurate picture about the facilities available. You should also try and get referrals from the nursing home and check with those people whether they are satisfied with the care provided to their loved ones. You can also contact the local senior groups to find out more about the nursing home. If necessary, check with the doctors in the neighborhood to get a clearer picture about the quality of care provided.

Find out whether the nursing home is equipped to handle special care needs if the situation arises. Things, such as ventilator, supervision and assistance, are paramount for patients that require special care. If the nursing home is unable to provide special care for patients required, it may not be the right place for your parent.

The nursing home should not hesitate to allow personal visits of family members. In fact, it should encourage the family to come as often as possible to meet and spend time with their loved ones. If the nursing home discourages you from visiting your loved one or wants you to fix an appointment to meet your parent, there is definitely something wrong.

Based on the above parameters, you should be able to shortlist a few nursing homes for your elderly parent. Visit those homes and thoroughly take note of the facility. Check how the reception area is decorated, the way the residents are dressed and treated, check the quality of the food served to the residents, see how friendly the staff are and what activities they have for the residents. This will give you an indication whether the nursing home is good and providing quality care for its residents. If you feel something is amiss, go by your gut feeling. Do not let your opinions get clouded by what the management of the nursing home tell you.

If you follow these selection criteria, you will definitely find a nursing home that is best for your loved one. Remember, choosing a nursing home takes time. You should not rush into it. Evaluate the nursing home and if it satisfied all the criteria that you have listed, it will be the right place for your elderly parent. Otherwise, continue hunting for a nursing home until you find the right one. After all, you want your parent to be happy and well looked after. The last thing you need is a nursing home that does not offer quality care and personal attention to your loved one.

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