Laws And Nursing Home  

Nursing homes provide care for the elderly. All nursing homes must maintain the highest level of quality as per federal laws. Any nursing home that receives funds from federal government should maintain and comply with the standards set by them. Every state has set of rules with which nursing homes must comply. Some states have tougher laws.


In the 1980s, there were several cases of elderly abuse in nursing care homes. To avoid it in future, the US Congress passed a rule that nursing homes should participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs. According to the Nursing Home Reform Act, every nursing home must provide services that maintain the highest standards to provide physical, mental and psychological well being of the patients.

The laws for nursing care homes have become very stringent ever since. Medicaid will immediately seize services if they find the nursing home to be unsatisfactory. In order to keep their license active, they should provide services with consistency. The problem earlier at nursing homes was the level of abuse. Most of the elders suffer from cognitive problems, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia; and if such seniors are abused by a nurse or a staff, they are unable to differentiate. However, families of the elders have to be more vigilant even today to ensure that proper care is being given.

 To be approved by Medicare and Medicaid programs, the nursing care homes must provide the following things to the patient.

  • Every nursing care home should have sufficient nurses.
  • They have to fully evaluate the financial capacity of the resident.
  • Every single resident of the nursing home should have a comprehensive care plan.
  • Residents should be taken care of all day and medications should be provided on time.
  • Assist people who cannot take care of their daily grooming activities.
  • Nursing care home should maintain all records of the patients.
  • Assistive devices for hearing and vision should be provided to patients when need be.
  • Nutrition provided at the nursing home should be of Medicare and Medicaid standards.
  • Infections and other conditions like pressure sores should be immediately treated. They should also prevent newer sores from appearing.
  • Appropriate hygiene should be maintained in the elderly environment.
  • Residents who have in-contingency should also be treated for normal bladder functioning.
  • There should be a system to evaluate the medication regularly and also avoid any errors.
  • The nursing home should consistently try to improve the conditions and level of care for residents.

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