Laws For Nursing Homes  

When people grow old and frail, they are unable to defend themselves, physically and mentally. Many of these seniors end up in nursing homes where they do not get the kind of care they deserve. Fortunately, there are laws for nursing homes and if these laws are broken, action can be taken against the culprits.

Those nursing homes get state and federal grants have to adhere by certain laws. As state laws differ from one state to another, it is difficult to list down all the laws for nursing homes. However, federal laws are common for all nursing homes and this ensures that seniors get the type of care they deserve.

During the 1980s, there were many scandals about the abuse of seniors in nursing homes. To combat this abuse, the US Congress brought in laws in 1987 for all nursing homes that were part of the Medicaid and Medicare programs. The laws were part of the Nursing Home Reform Act.

The federal laws for nursing homes stipulate that they must ensure that the homes give services and have activities that ensure the highest level of mental, psychosocial and physical wellbeing of all residents living in the nursing home.

The laws governing nursing homes ensure that they have adequate trained nursing staff; assessment of every individual patient is thoroughly conducted; the care plan for each patient should be carefully planned; the ability of the resident to do daily living activities should not deteriorate; and if a resident cannot perform daily living activities, help should be provided to them. In addition, nursing homes are required to provide assistive devices to help residents and immobile residents should get bed sores. If they do get, then adequate treatment should be given to facilitate healing and prevent infection and new sores.

Nursing homes also have to have their policies in place where care for a patient is concerned. These policies take into account the prevailing laws as well as laws that could be introduced in future. They must ensure that seniors get quality standard of care.

Furthermore, nursing homes should have policies in place to tackle neglect and abuse. Usually, family members bring these types of acts to the notice of a nursing home administrator, and should reports should be treated seriously.

Nursing homes should realize that residents should be allowed to have meetings and other forms of communication with family members and friends. In addition, patient doctor confidentiality should be maintained.

While there are laws for nursing homes, there are still instances when nursing homes go against these laws. Hence, it is imperative that such erring homes are taught a lesson and family members should not hesitate to do so.

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