Nursing Care Of A Geriatric Patient At Home  

If you are looking after a geriatric patient at home, it will definitely not be easy. Many people prefer nursing geriatric patients at home rather than sending them to a nursing home. Hence, it is imperative that they are aware of nursing care of a geriatric patient at home. This will ensure that they look after the elderly person properly and also have the necessary support.

An important part of nursing care of a geriatric patient at home is determining how long the care would be required for. At times, the care can be for a short period of time to help the senior recover from an illness. Other times, the care can be for indefinite period of time when the geriatric has a disability or is chronically ill.

As you will be taking care of the geriatric person at home, you will require help from other family members. Hence, collect the family together and have a meeting how to care for the person. Allow every member to give suggestions, so that you can incorporate the best ideas into the care plan. A person would have to be designated as the primary caregiver, while others would be supporting caregivers. If necessary, you can even hire a health care aide or nurse to help out on a part time basis.

Make sure that you have all the information about the elderly person, such as Social Security number, name and contact details of the doctor who is treating the person, up-to-date prescriptions, all medications, health insurance details and any other information you can think of. Keep all the information in a safe place which can be accessed if necessary.

As the doctor will be coming home to check on the geriatric patient, it is important to maintain a log of the doctor’s visit. The log should also mention the prescription that the doctor has ordered, what was checked during the visit and when the next appointment is. All medical records and papers pertaining to the patient should be kept along with the log. Make sure that you know what is wrong with the person and what you can do to make the person more comfortable. If the need arises, speak to the doctor to figure out ways to take care of the geriatric patient.

While you are nursing a geriatric patient at home, you will have to make certain changes in your home. Your home will have to be wheelchair friendly to facilitate mobility of the geriatric patient from one room to the other. In addition, you should have a proper hospital bed, oxygen cylinders, wheelchair friendly bathroom and a shower chair. You can even install a lift to help you lift the person out of bed or lower them into the bed from the wheelchair.

Make sure that the food given to the person is as per the instructions of the doctor. Consult a nutritionist to develop a healthy and nutritious food plan. This will ensure that the person is not deficit on nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It will help the person’s health immensely.

When taking care of a geriatric patient at home, personal care and hygiene is extremely important to prevent bed sores and other health issues. If you are unable to do this on your own, hire a professional nurse or health care aide to help you out.

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