Cost Of Hospice Care  

Many people refrain from using hospice care, as they think that the cost is too high. However, it has been seen that typically hospice care works out cheaper than the cost associated with nursing homes and general hospitals. This is primarily because many health insurance policies cover hospice care and also Medicare and Medicaid pay for this type of care. On an average, cost of hospice care works out to around $150 for a day. This cost is for services rendered by the hospice care team, medications, supplies and diagnosis.

Typically, it has been seen that hospices charge family just for those services that the family is unable to give the dying patient. Hence, the cost can vary from one hospice to another. Also, it has been seen that many hospices also have volunteers working in them and as a result some of the services such as meals and support for the family is free. If the person admitted into a hospice is 65 years or more, then the cost is borne by Medicare.
For a person to become eligible for Medicare-based hospice care, the patient should have a been certified by a doctor at the start of the benefit period; and the patient should sign a statement claiming that they understand the type of illness they have and the kind of care they will be given at a hospice. Once the person signs this declaration, they will not be eligible for other Medicare benefits pertaining to their illness.

If the health insurance of the person covers hospice care, then the cost will be borne by the insurance. However, at times, all the costs are not borne by the insurance. So the family may have to bear the costs that are not covered by the insurance. However, it has also been seen that when families do not have insurance or do not have the means to pay for hospice care, many hospices end up providing the care for free. This is possible from the donations that hospices get. At times, the hospice may also put the family in touch with charities or non-profit organization that may help pay for hospice care.

So, if you have a loved one with a terminal illness and you feel that you cannot provide the care the person needs, get in touch with a hospice. You can find out the cost of hospice care and also check with them whether they can help you with offsetting some of the associated costs. Also, check with the local Medicare and Medicaid offices whether your loved one is eligible for financial help for hospice care.

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Cost Of Hospice Care


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Cost Of Hospice Care )
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