How To Care For Terminal Illness ?  

When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, you will definitely want to know how to take care of the person, so that you make the rest of the person’s life comfortable. However, taking care of a terminally ill person is not easy. It can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

The thought of taking care of a terminally ill person until he or she dies can be frightening. This is because you know that no matter what you do, the person will ultimately die. In addition to looking after and supporting the person, you will also have to manage your own emotions and feelings.

Here are some tips on how to care for terminal illness that you might find useful if you have a loved one who has been recently diagnosed.

Find out from the person what he or she wants. This way you want help the person achieve what they want to do. However, make sure that you allow the person to do things as much as possible. This will make feel more useful and also allow them to keep their dignity in tact.

Remember taking care of a terminally ill person is not easy. It is impossible for a caregiver to do everything alone. Hence, it is perfectly okay to ask family and close friends to help out when you need a break or catch up on some sleep. If possible ask healthcare professionals or doctors how to go about taking care of your loved one.

Often as the illness progresses, the situation around you and the terminally ill person will change. The personality of the person will change and so will the dynamic of the relationship you have with the person. You will have to learn to handle these changes.

It is important that you do not hold the sick loved one responsible for the illness. There will be times you will get frustrated changing soiled linen or giving a sponge bath. But, do not take out your emotions and frustration on the sick person.

Make sure that you have all the equipment handy that the sick person would need. This will ease headaches when the time comes when your loved one really needs this life supporting equipment.

Spend time talking to the person about his or her wishes and desires. Many people with terminal illness also want spiritual guidance. If this is the case with your loved one, get a religious leader over to speak to the person.

Allow other loved ones to spend time with the sick person. This would be an opportunity for the person to say his or her final goodbyes.

How to care for terminal illness is all about keeping the person comfortable. When the pain of the illness becomes acute, the person will need medication. So, make sure that prescriptions are filled and available when the need arises.

Moreover, look after yourself, as you will be no good at taking care of your loved one if you are exhausted and emotionally fraught.

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