Best Supplements For Aging Skin  

Aging skin is marked by wrinkles and fine facial lines. Wrinkled skin may also occur due to any disease, or some other health related problem. Vitamins and certain minerals have the magical power of giving skin a youthful and radiant look. These vitamins can be either obtained from diet, topical creams or even taken as supplements. If you are looking for supplements to help with aging skin, then visit a health store to purchase them.

However, there are some supplements that are better for aging skin compared to others.

The signs of aging skin occur when the skin loses its elasticity and becomes dehydrated more often. (See Reference 1) In such cases, Vitamin E supplements would help in keeping the skin hydrated. Also, the vitamin possesses certain antioxidant properties that assist in combating free radicals. Apart from this, Vitamin E promotes the growth of skin cells and tissues by stimulating blood flow towards the skin. The vitamin is available in the form of gel capsules, caplets or pills. (See Reference 1)

Another vital supplement for skin is the Vitamin A. It helps in promoting development of skin cells and tissues. Sebum, a kind of natural oil produced by Vitamin A, keeps the skin hydrated and improves its texture. This vitamin can also be taken in the form of pills or capsules. (See Reference 1)

One of the most important vitamins for skin is the Vitamin C. Deficiency of this particular vitamin leads to dry and scaly skin. The vitamin helps in repairing diseased skin cells and tissues. Vitamin C produces an essential component known as collagen which is a vital protein constituent of scar tissue, skin, muscles blood vessels and ligaments. Collagen helps to keep the skin supple and elastic. Vitamin C is also beneficial in protecting the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. (See Reference 1)

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Best Supplements For Aging Skin


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