Common Diseases Of The Elderly  

In the life cycle of human beings, there are certain phases that we impatiently wait for such as adolescence and youth as they bring along years that mark happiness and enthusiasm to celebrate life in every way. On the other hand, old age is a phase that each person fears. As a matter of fact, most of us are even scared to face signs of ageing such as gray hair and wrinkles.

However, whether we like it or not, life does not stand still for anything or anyone; and old age is a hard fact of life which we all have to go through. Old age brings along many diseases, some curable and some not.

A very common disease amongst the elderly is termed as Dementia. The disease is connected to the brain, and so far there is no treatment available for its cure. One of the worst forms of dementia is known as the Alzheimer’s disease, which eventually leads to complete memory loss. In this case, the patient requires extreme care and supervision from loved ones. Another common disease affecting the nervous system is the Parkinson's disease. This ailment attacks the patient physically resulting in vigorous shaking of limbs, which with time become uncontrollable.

Diabetes is also fairly common in the elderly. This disease could be either hereditary or one may bring it upon himself/herself by consuming a high fat and sugar diet. Thankfully, treatment for this disease is available in the form of tablets or injections that control the sugar level in the body. Finally, the most dangerous disease that affects about two-thirds of the elderly is cancer. Although treatment for this deadly disease is present but the success rate in the elderly is fairly low since the body is not in a position to withstand the side effects of chemotherapy.

Some of the other diseases affecting the elderly include arthritis, blood pressure, heart disease, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, hearing impairment, osteoporosis, respiratory disorders and urinary disorders.

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Common Diseases Of The Elderly




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