Herbs And Congestive Heart Failure  

When it comes to herbs and congestive heart failure, you will be happy to learn that there are many herbs that can help with this progressive and debilitating heart condition. The two herbs that are known to be beneficial for congestive heart failure are hawthorn and coleus as they help in stopping the progression of disease.

It has been seen coleus contains a compound known foskolin. This compounds works as a vasodilator and aids in enhancing the pumping of the heart. It has been found that foskolin is beneficial for people with congestive heart failure. This is good news for those who are looking to take natural treatment to help with their condition.

One more herb that helps people with congestive heart failure is Arjun. This is basically an extract made from a bark of a tree and is used profoundly in Ayurveda to treat conditions related to the heart. This helps to boost the working of the heart and also aids in reducing the effects of anxiety and stress on the heart. Where congestive heart failure is concerned, Arjun works as diuretic and helps in getting rid of the accumulated fluid from the lungs, legs, feet and ankles. The recommended dosage of this bark extract is around 500 milligrams.

Gingko biloba is also used in alternative medicine as treatment for congestive heart failure and it enhances the working of the heart. This allows more blood to flow through the body. It is recommended that a person suffering from congestive heart failure take around 40 milligrams this herb three times in a day.

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Herbs And Congestive Heart Failure




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