Causes Of Heart Murmurs  

There are primarily 2 kinds of heart murmurs that are observed in people. One is known as the innocent heart murmur, while the other is referred to as abnormal heart murmur. As the name suggests, the former is not something to get worried about and is seen very frequently in kids and newborn babies. It is estimated that almost half of the kids have innocent heart murmurs and a parent should not get worried about them as they are completely harmless.

It is the abnormal heart murmurs that are a cause of concern. If kids suffer from this kind of heart murmurs, it is usually brought due to congenital disease of the heart. In adults, this kind of murmurs occurs due to problems with the heart valves that develop over a period of time.

The causes of heart murmurs are discussed below.

The cause of innocent heart murmur is fast flowing of blood through the heart. This flow is faster than normal and occurs due to exercise, physical activities, pregnancy, fever, alterations in the structure of the heart after a cardiac surgery, anemia or suffering from hyperthyroidism. The structure of the heart can also change with aging resulting in innocent heart murmurs. However, these murmurs are not a cause for concern and tend to disappear with time. But, in some people the murmurs stay on without causing any problems or affecting the person adversely.

On the other hand, abnormal heart murmurs occur due to a problem related to the heart. As mentioned previously, in kids these murmurs occur due to congenital disease of the heart like structural defects. The most common defects that are noticed in newborn babies that result in abnormal heart murmurs are hole in the heart and leaking of the heart valves.

When the heart structure is damaged due to health condition or infection, abnormal heart murmurs are seen in older kids and adults. The causes these heart murmurs include rheumatic fever, endocarditis, calcification of the mitral or aortic heart valves, and mitral valve prolapse.

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