Parkinsons Disease And Delusions  

Parkinson’s disease is known to cause mental disturbances and it is common knowledge that as a person grows old with the disease, delusions and hallucinations become common. Hallucinations and delusions are actually perceptions of the human mind. A delusional person can see or hear things that is not seen or heard by anyone else. That is their thoughts and imagination is unbelievable for most of the others.

It is very difficult to convince a delusional person otherwise because they really think what they imagine is true. However, delusional thoughts can be controlled through medications. The medications prescribed by the doctor for Parkinson’s also will control delusions and hallucinations because they act directly on the central nervous system.

Hallucinations and delusions are mainly caused by the chemical imbalances in the brain. There are certain chemicals in the blood that help to control the levels of water in our body. There are also a range of other conditions that can cause delusions like liver or kidney failure. Some medications correct the chemical imbalance and the problems usually go away. Sometimes the medications themselves can cause such delusions. If a patient with Parkinson’s is having delusions despite the fact that they are on conventional medication, then they should see their doctor immediately and review the medications. The doctor could change the medications to minimize the affects. For some people, certain group of medicines will cause more harm than good. It is better to eliminate such problems or else the cure is very difficult at advanced stages.

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Parkinsons Disease And Delusions




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