What Does Parkinsons Feel Like ?  

Parkinson’s disease is a condition that is degenerative and it can make a person dependent as time passes. This disease mainly affects people who are getting older, and cross 65 years of age. When a person has this disease, they experience excessive tremors in their hands and legs. They cannot walk very fast and slow down tremendously.

Once a person gets Parkinson’s, then it could be a life long disease. Eventually such people become very dependent and they will need a caretaker for the rest of their life. However, nobody likes to lose their independence and for everyone it is dear. Also, nobody likes to live their lives in a nursing care facility, whether they are young or old. Diseases like Parkinson’s will force a person to resign to such a fate.

Parkinson's does will eventually affect the memory in later stages and also causes problems like dementia, delusions and hallucinations. The constant shaking of hands and legs can depress a person to a great extent. It is not how they are used to their bodies and the uncontrollable shaking while sleeping, sitting and standing can really get to a person. The weakness causes a giddy feeling during the waking hours and a person lacks complete enthusiasm to do anything that they normally like.

A disease like Parkinson’s takes away the social life, independence and everything else from the life affected of the person as the disease progresses. The disease is extremely debilitating and slowly the person is unable to do all his or her regular activities. Also, the feeling that they are unable to use their hands normally is very painful.

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What Does Parkinsons Feel Like




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