How To Get Rid Of Fat Around The Waist ?  

Belly fat is one of the most irksome fats that a person can have. It is very difficult to lose it and at the same time it is very easy to put on weight around the belly. Fat around the waist is called belly fat. Several people give up on their trials and go for spot reduction of fat. There are certain specific exercises which help to reduce belly fat. Having fat around the waist increases the risks of getting heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Exercises help to tone the correct areas of the body.


When fat collects around the waist line, it is known as visceral fat. It is bad for health in several different ways. The fat may be concentrated around the belly, or the waist line like love handles, for example. However, some exercises do help in losing this kind of weight.

Upper body exercises include performing torso twists repeated times in a day. Stand with your feet one foot apart and matching the shoulder line. Keep the arms tucked in and suck in the abdominal muscles. Perform twists from turning from one side to another for at least 50 times. The eyes and face should be forward in position. If you perform this repetition 2 to 3 times a day, you can lose belly fat fast.

Side bends is another effective way of losing fat on the waist. Position your hands behind the head and keep shoulders and the back straight. Keep your abdomen tight and bend sideways as far as you can reach. Ideally, you should bend till the knees. Repeat the bending move from side to side. Do this at least 10 times. Alternate the bending from left to right side.

Oblique crunches are performed by lying down on the floor. Keep the ab muscles tight and flat on the floor. Your spine should be aligned with the ab muscles. Tuck the foot on one leg to the thigh. Exhale and pull your torso to the knee. Pull your body to the knee and keep your leg in the air. Inhale when you come back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise with both the legs for 5 to 10 times. Perform with one leg first and repeat the exercise with the other leg. You can perform the oblique crunches three to four times in a day. You can change the crunches by putting down the feet also.

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How To Get Rid Of Fat Around The Waist


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