Effects Of Diet Soft Drinks On Your Health  

Soda, a refreshing drink, is something many people opt to have on a daily basis. America tops the list with Ireland close in second position. In order to make this drink healthy as well, many have started to opt for diet soda and cut down on the intake of extra calories. Many studies claim that this has led to onset of many disorders. Claims of diet soda consumption causing increase in the chances of getting diabetes, vascular problems or metabolic syndrome are doing their rounds which are still to be proven.


Studies conducted in 2011 by the International Stroke Conference have stated that the individuals consuming diet soda are at a higher risk of 61 percent for getting vascular disorders like stroke or heart attacks. Individuals already having greater risks of cardiovascular disorders should avoid these drinks. Although one drink of diet soda per day is not very harmful, doctors believe that a combination of good diet with regular physical activity will promote better health.

Analysis of previously done research works and studies from the University of Texas and Health Science Center, Houston, state that the possibility of getting Type 2 diabetes increases by almost 67 percent with consumption of diet soda. Although the precise mechanism for the associated dynamics in the body is not known, the consequence of consuming diet soda is known. The drink leads to gain in weight which causes improper control of glucose levels which eventually leads to diabetes. The effect of diabetes can be caused independent of the weight gain or physical inactivity in the individual. Studies also reveal that the metabolic syndrome increased by 40 percent in such consumers. This condition can eventually cause heart attacks as well. In fact metabolic syndrome can be caused by normal and diet soda.

Studies conducted by Nurses’ Health Study states that consumption of 2 diet sodas in a day can lead to doubling the decline rate of one’s kidney. The acidity in soda can also cause IBS or gas formation. Noted Dietician, Nachal Bhangal, says that caffeine or artificial sweeteners found in most sodas can cause inflammatory bowel disorders.

Most health officials fret since diet soda replaces most of the healthy drinks in the market like milk. The decline in the past few years in milk consumption has led to deficient conditions in many for nutrients like Vitamin D and calcium which are essential for good health. Dieticians recommend consumption of water in place of diet soda with a dash of lime or cranberry juice to satisfy one’s taste.

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Effects Of Diet Soft Drinks On Your Health )
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