Chinese Cure For High Blood Pressure  

There are several kinds of medications and treatment measures available for treating the high blood pressure. Chinese cure for hypertension is also coming up as a popular treatment measure. In traditional Chinese treatment, high blood pressure is associated with the movement of the vital energy within the human body. The people who practice Chinese treatment consider that anger, depression, obesity, and intake of fatty acids are some of the most causative factors as far as hypertension is concerned.

Under this treatment measure, a combination of herbs and acupuncture is recommended by physicians. As per Chinese treatment, there are certain foods that possess medicinal properties and help towards prevention of hypertension and they include turnip, water, chestnut, honey, hawthorn berries, mung beans, and Chinese celery. It is also believed under this treatment that emotions too play a very important role towards health of people.

In the traditional Chinese cure, physical health and emotions are considered to be quite closely related to each other. It claims that emotions such as tension, anger, worry, overwork, fear, sadness, etch are all related to a specific organ of the human body. The diagnosis in this kind of a treatment measure is entirely individualized and once one organ is identifies, the symptoms that are experienced by the patients determine the kind of approach adopted by the practitioner for that particular patient. People are now getting aware about alternative treatment measures such as the Chinese cure and they prefer going for them but then the decision is entirely personal.

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Chinese Cure For High Blood Pressure




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Chinese Cure For High Blood Pressure )
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