What Is Normal Blood Pressure Range ?  

Blood pressure is basically the increase in the energy of the blood flow within the arteries when the heart is pumping blood out. It is the complete reverse of hypotension in which this pressure of blood is low. Blood pressure can be categorized into two primary and secondary. Primary or essential blood pressure is the state where the increase in blood pressure cannot be linked to a source and no cause is established. Around 90 percent to 95 percent of the cases belong to this category.

The leftover cases accounting to about 5 to 10 percent belong to the secondary category where the reason of the increase can be sourced to other health conditions which have an effect on other parts of the body such as heart, arteries, endocrine system and kidneys. Usually a sphygmomanometer is used to measure the arterial pressure. It was earlier measured by the elevation of mercury’s column which reflects the flowing pressure. Even though average levels of arterial force for a defined population can be determined, the normal levels of blood pressure vary with difference age groups.

Various reasons like gender and age influence the average blood pressure level of a person. Children have lower blood pressure level than adults. It can have a doubtful correlation with an individual’s overall health too. But after studies and surveys 112/64 mmHg has been established as the standard blood pressure. Among one year olds this is 95/65 and between the ages of 6 to 9 years this increases to 100/65. For adults the normal level is set somewhere between 110/65 - 140/90.

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What Is Normal Blood Pressure Range ?




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What Is Normal Blood Pressure Range ? )
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