How To Raise My Body Temperature ?  

The standard body temperature of a human being which is also known as euthermia or normothermia is around 37 degree Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Though the body has its own mechanisms to maintain it, it can be altered by external factors in our control setting in fever or leading to low blood pressure.

Usually, raising the metabolism rate causes the normal temperature of the body to increase too. The body essentially runs on ATP which is the energy source of every human body. Every time an ATP is burnt by exercise, it releases heat and energy. So, every time the body needs power or energy it burns an ATP which along with energy for the required job; raises the temperature of the body by liberating some amount of heat as well. The ATP when not needed is stored in the body in the form of glucose. The storage in the form of glucose will not increase the body temperature but will hold the potential to work as insulation. When the body is not active, the heat is generated by the endocrine glands, brain, heart and liver.

This also varies with the muscles one has as muscles need more energy. Hence, more the muscles, more is the energy considered necessary to sustain them and therefore, more heat is produced. A low body temperature can also be a signal of thyroid trouble. A herbal medication known as MaHuang which contains an element very analogous to pseudoephedrine that will boost one’s metabolism by increasing his body temperature even at rest. Heat in the body can also be provided by the intake of more and more calories. Carbohydrates and fats supply higher amounts of calories which in turn generate more energy and heat. Warm beverages are also included in this.

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How To Raise My Body Temperature ?




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How To Raise My Body Temperature ? )
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