Low Body Temperature Causes  

Our human body undergoes climatic changes and every time the environment plays a major role in increasing and decreasing the temperature. A low body temperature can have the same effect as to what a high body temperature can have. This is one reason why most medical experts do target patients with either of these problems.

There are definitely reasons for a low body temperature. A doctor will have to admit a person to understand the real reasons. One can never self-realize it. The thermometer is an important tool used to measure a person’s temperature. The device is calibrated in terms of Fahrenheit and Celsius. We mostly use Fahrenheit and a temperature of at least 98.6 degree F cab is viewed as normal. Anything lower than that would be bad and so would vice-versa.

One of the major reasons for a low body temperature would be hypothermia which is nothing but dripping of temperature in the environment. You should not wear warm clothes in winter season. Avoid getting exposed to cold. Do not spend too much time in the shower and prefer heating food before consuming. Other diseases like ovulation, thyroid problems and hepatitis C are also some of the reasons for lower body temperature.

There are many other reasons for low temperature such as anemia, liver diseases and pneumonia. These diseases can cause great damage to body organs and would literally make you tired. Hence, make sure you follow the instructions and avoid eating outside during winter seasons. Also, make sure you take necessary medicines and maintain your body temperature to the normal so that life and work becomes easy and your daily routine is managed properly.

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Low Body Temperature Causes




What-Is-Considered-Low-Body-Temperature      Body temperatures are measured with the help of thermometer. The minimum normal temperature needs to be at 98.6 degree F. Our temperature is never the same. It keeps changing and that is really a matter of concern. A low body temperature can also have the same effects as that of high body temperature. It also depends on the daily activities that we undergo. A low body temperature is also termed as hypothermia. More..




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