What Is Considered Low Body Temperature ?  

Body temperatures are measured with the help of thermometer. The minimum normal temperature needs to be at 98.6 degree F. Our temperature is never the same. It keeps changing and that is really a matter of concern. A low body temperature can also have the same effects as that of high body temperature. It also depends on the daily activities that we undergo. A low body temperature is also termed as hypothermia.

It will surely lead to serious yet life-threatening issues. Our blood vessels tend to contract when it gets cold. You then start to shiver and contract the muscles. This effort will again lower the temperature. Hence, at this point you have to ensure that you maintain and preserve yourself in a normal temperature. You should certainly visit your doctor if you fell weak. The most common medical reasons for low body temperature are hypothyroidism, diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sepsis, Addison’s disease and side effects of certain medications. There are other common symptoms of low body temperature such as drowsiness, shivering, confusion, slow breathing, weakness and purple fingers.

You need to certainly run to a specialist if it is the case of hypothermia. Some major symptoms and after-effects can be loss of consciousness, coma, acute pancreatitis, atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, plasma and electromechanical dissociation. In case the patient is diagnosed with hypothermia, the fastest way is to get hospitalized. Drink hot soups which will help you to maintain and increase the temperature to normal. Once your temperature reaches 98.6 degree F you do not have to worry. Stop taking vacations during winter seasons as this will only spoil everything.

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What Is Considered Low Body Temperature ?




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What Is Considered Low Body Temperature ? )
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