Thought Process Disorders  

Human beings are blessed with a thing called thought process that makes them unique amongst all other living creatures surviving in this whole world. It is one process that appears to manage most of the other processes and functions that are performed by the human body. The thought process among human beings might be affected by various factors which include the psychiatric disturbances and several different symptoms can be encountered by people.

There are people who suffer from various thought process disorders which are actually abnormalities of some or the other kind that arise due to improper functioning of the whole though process. This functioning can be affected by several reasons or factors which include some major shock, major injury, or any other psychological disorders. Given below is a brief description of a few of the thought process disorders:

  • Disorder of the stream of thought is one such disorder wherein the people feels blockage of thoughts and face it really difficult to make their thought process function properly.
  • Disorder of form of thoughts is another such instance where the person experiences a huge journey of ideas which involves various punning, rhyming, clang association which ultimately results in distraction of cues within their environment. It further leads to a loss of normal thinking structure and results in loosening of associations.
  • Autistic thinking is one form where people are associated with the social withdrawal and thinking in such conditions is quite less subject to the correction by the reality as compared to the normal thinking.

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Thought Process Disorders




What-Is-Thought-Process      A very intellectual person has once said “I think therefore I am”. This is more than enough to describe the importance of one’s ability to think. Thought process is something that differentiates the human beings from animals. Though animals too might be retrieving and storing information but they cannot use it in a manner humans do. Though process is defined as the overall procedure that involves the proper use of the thinking abilities that one has which further includes the ability to reason as well as solve the problems. More..




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Thought Process Disorders )
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