Cause Of Low Pulse Rate  

Low pulse rate which is known as bradycardia in the medical terms can symbolize some other health disorder in various cases. On the other hand, it might represent the good health of a person. There are several reasons that might lead to low pulse rate while there are various things that might not do so. Thus, people need to get awareness about such factors that might be held responsible for such conditions.

Slow pulse rate is often considered as one of the signs of a good health. The normal pulse rate ranges between 60 and 100 every minute though there are several people who experience slow pulse rates such as the athletes. Some of the physicians believe that there are people who genetically have a slower pulse rate as compared to the average heart rates in human beings. In some cases, this condition may represent a health disorder. There are several causes of low pulse rate which include heart disease, aging, low thyroid levels, and then electrolyte imbalances. In some of the cases, even medicines such as the beta blockers are held responsible towards the slower pulse rate.

There are certain warning signs that indicate such slower pulse rates which include dizziness, tiredness, chest pain, short breath, and fainting spells. When such symptoms accompany the slower than it needs to be taken care of and one must consult a physician as soon as possible as it may turn dangerous afterwards. Such condition may point towards some health issue that needs to be treated.

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Cause Of Low Pulse Rate




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