Communication And The Generation Gap  

It is but natural that when there is a generation gap, there will also be a communication gap. Many younger people often complain that they find it difficult to communication with members of the older generation and it is an extremely frustrating experience for them. However, when it comes to communication and generation gap, people from all generations should realize that communication is only effective when people talk with each other rather than talking at each other. (See Reference 1)

The younger generation should try and changed their perspective and the way they communicate with others. This will give them an opportunity to see the older generation for what they are in reality instead of the picture that the younger generation has built about them. (See Reference 1) Most older people will not take to change lightly; they will resist it. This can be frustrating for the younger generation, especially if the older person keeps talking and reminiscing about the past.

However, this generation and communication gap can be bridged and overcome when the younger generation makes an effort. They should realize that older people have this need to maintain their sense of control over things. Hence, different approaches should be utilized when talking to them about their diminishing sense of control. When an older person does not take to change, instead of pestering them about it, it might be best to incorporate them to find alternative solutions. (See Reference 1) However, the best way to overcome the communication gap is by sitting and actually talking to the older person. Finding out what they want, their needs, their expectations and their fears can help resolve many of the problems associated with communication and generation gap.

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Communication And The Generation Gap


Reference :
1. Smart Senior: Communication Skills: Bridging The Generation Gap


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