Characteristics Of Generation Z  

The generation born after the year 1994 until 2004 is referred to as Generation Z. There is interest in this generation as in another few years the members will be joining the workforce and contributing to the economy of the country and the society. Knowing the characteristics of Generation Z will give people a better understanding what these kids are all about and what motivates them.

This is the first generation to be born with complete technology. They were born with PCs, mobile phones, gaming devices, MP3 players and the ubiquitous Internet. They do not know life without technology. Hence, they are often termed as digital natives and are extremely comfortable with technology. (See Reference 1) They can email, text and use computers without any problems. In addition, members of Generation Z can understand and master advancement in technology. Unfortunately, this reliance on technology and gadgets has had a negative effect on the members. They rather stay indoors and use their electronics than play outdoors and be active. They are leading a sedentary life that can result in health problems later on.

For them, social media platforms are a way to communicate with the outside world. They are not bothered about privacy and are willing to share intimate details about themselves with complete strangers. They have virtual friends and for them hanging out with friends means talking to them over the cell phones, emails and text messages. However, at the same time, this generation is considered to highly creative and collaborative and will have a significant impact on the way companies work when they join the workforce. (See Reference 1)

Members of Generation Z are adept at multi-tasking. They can text, read, watch, talk and even eat simultaneously. However, this has also led to reduced attention span leading to what psychologists call acquired attention deficit disorder. This generation is unable to analyze complex data and information as they cannot focus for very long. (See Reference 1)

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Characteristics Of Generation Z


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Generation Z And Technology      Generation Z and technology are synonymous. This generation was born between the years of 1994 and 2004. They are the first generation to have complete technology at their disposal and have been using cell phones, iPads, personal computers, PDAs and the Internet from an extremely young age. Many of the older members of Generation Z are not getting the driver's license, while the youngest are just entering the first grade. (See Reference 1) More..




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Characteristics Of Generation Z )
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