Effects Of Milk Thistle On Menopause  

The advent of menopause creates such havoc in a woman’s body that most females are more than keen to explore remedies that show any signs of minimizing the discomfort caused by the same. There are several herbs that are believed to offer respite to women in their menopausal phase. Amongst them, milk thistle is a cleansing herb that is highly recommended as apart from aiding in combating the menopausal symptoms, it is also rated to be completely safe for usage.

This herb is known to be beneficial for decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression that are fairly common amongst women undergoing menopause. The years leading to menopause involve immense fluctuation in the hormonal levels within the body of a woman. As a consequence, the individual is subjected to intense temperamental changes. As per research conducted by Phyllis D. Light, a recognized herbalist and professor of herbal studies at Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama, milk thistle is an excellent remedy as it aids in restoration of mood and positive mental attitude in a natural way.

Milk thistle is also believed to help in the improvisation of the functioning of the liver. Increased toxicity levels in the liver decrease its effectiveness of disintegrating hormones and neurotransmitters, resulting in symptoms like sickness, increased aggression and toxicity. Milk thistle is believed to assist the liver in the disintegration of toxins, thereby improving its productivity. However, it is vital to consult one’s doctor before commencing with its intake, particularly in cases wherein the individual is on some other medication as well.

Another function of the liver that menopause may affect adversely is its potential of utilizing the fat in the body as a fuel. As a result, the body tends to store the fat and the energy level declines. Intake of milk thistle is believed to aid in the prevention of fat deposition and enhance the usage of fatty acids as a fuel.

Many women opt for hormone replacement therapy in order to obtain relief from the miserable signs of menopause. However, the hormonal supplementation part of this therapy could decrease the pace of bile synthesis in the body leading to constipation and general decline in the functioning of the liver. The herb is said to be helpful in these circumstances by enhancing the liver’s ability of bile production.

Owing to the negligible side effects caused by usage of milk thistle, many women prefer to utilize milk thistle to combat the menopausal symptoms. As per the University of Maryland Medical Center, only one percent of cases are reported with the mild side effect of an upset stomach. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to consult a physician before adopting any new lines of treatment, be it milk thistle or any other herb.

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Effects Of Milk Thistle On Menopause




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Effects Of Milk Thistle On Menopause )
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