Menopause And Aching Legs  

Menopause is illustrated by the complete stoppage of menstruation for a continuous period of one year. The body of a woman goes through immense hormonal fluctuations during the years of menopause, which results in severe symptoms such as irregularity in periods, hot flashes, night sweats, temperamental changes, irritability, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and problems related to the urinary tract.

Many women have also complained of pain in the stomach and leg cramps during this phase. The leg cramp may be especially more common at night, occurring all of a sudden and causing intense pain. The pain obviously disrupts one’s sleep and results in soreness for the next 24 hours.

Since, menopausal women are already harassed by the relatively more common symptoms associated with the stage, it would be advisable to find ways to minimize the occurrence of these leg cramps so that one can concentrate on the bigger problems. Sudden leg cramps accompanied by shooting pains at night are associated with the tightening of muscles. The most frequent area of leg cramp occurrence is the calf muscles. However, many may even experience the same in their thighs or feet.

It has been observed that women older in age are relatively more susceptible to the occurrence of leg cramps in comparison to those slightly younger in age. The reasons for this discrepancy could be decrease in physical activity, mineral imbalance in the body and problems related to the circulation of blood.

Menopausal women who are experiencing the problem of leg cramps only on rare occasions should seek medical assistance as this could be a repercussion of some medication. Massaging the site of the cramp or stretching is also found to be beneficial in relieving the pain cause by cramps.

Occurrence of leg cramps could be a sign of decreased bone density as well. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo investigation with respect to the same and thereafter consume calcium or magnesium supplements on a daily basis to obtain relief. Although leg cramps owing to menopause may not be a serious health issue but it certainly has the potential to disrupt one’s sleep pattern.

Certain other natural ways of obtaining relief from pain linked to leg cramps are consuming a few glasses of tonic water and adding peppermint oil to the bath water and soaking in it. Alternatively, a slight amount of St. John’s wort could also be used. Exercising regularly is another remedy that keeps your joints in good condition, preventing the body against damage resulting from stiffness of joints and fractures. However, always exercise keeping your age in mind as vigorous forms of exercise may only end up aggravating your problem.

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Menopause And Aching Legs




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