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Andropause is a condition that everyone has o go through once in their lifetime in men. Just like women have menopause, andropause is a similar condition of men. First of all, we should clearly understand that it is not disease but a condition that will occur to your whether you like it or not. It is a part and parcel of the ageing process and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. However, you can take a few steps to reduce the effects of the symptoms of andropause.

Men and women go through several symptoms when this process is going on. In men, some of the classic symptoms are depression, anxiety, and crankiness. Moodiness is one of the biggest signaling factors of andropause. Also, the other effects if andropause are it causes several unwanted conditions in men like Alzheimer’s and memory related problems.

Andropause is set off by the decrease of the hormone called testosterone. Testosterone has several roles to play other than just keeping a man sexually active. It keeps the muscles in shape and also gives bone density. Sometimes andropause also causes what we call the midlife crisis and basically it is nothing but a bunch of psychological problems put together. These psychological conditions are caused by the changing hormone levels in the body.

However, andropause is a condition that can be managed and the side effects can be reduced if a person sticks to a normal regimen of exercise and proper diet. Andropause signs and symptoms can begin at the age of 40 and last until a man is 55 years old. Some doctors believe that andropause can begin as early as when a person is 30 years old.

Some of the natural ways you can handle andropause is by making some lifestyle changes and also changes to your diet regimen. Natural therapies are good rather than hormone replacement therapies or steroids because they are healthy and the side effects are also minimal. Some of the immediate changes that a natural therapy requires are that men have to start exercising regularly. This stimulates the production of hormones. Also, one has to make dietary changes like eating salty and fried foods. They should also avoid fatty and dairy products. One also has to reduce the levels of caffeine and sugar and alternatively. Some of the things that men should start having are flaxseed, foods like fish and also lean meats. These kinds of foods stimulate the hormone production in the body.

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Andropause Natural Cures




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