When Do Hot Flashes End ?  

All those women who are undergoing the miserable experience of hot flashes would be more than desperate to know when this phase of their life would be over. However, unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to this query. Every human being has a unique chemical composition. Therefore, the reactions of people to similar circumstances tend to be dissimilar.

Research showcases a correlation between a person’s physical and mental health and the occurrence of hot flashes. Women have reported an increase in the incidence of hot flashes when they are stressed out. Therefore, it is often canvassed that a healthy lifestyle illustrated by a well balanced diet, regular exercising and positive attitude can aid in minimizing the frequency and severity of hot flashes. The symptom of hot flashes could last for 5 months or even 5 years. If you are lucky, you may even escape the symptom altogether.

The intensity of a hot flash also varies amongst different women. While some fortunate ones experience it in mild forms, there are others whose life is completely disrupted with their occurrence. Again, there are some women who start experiencing the symptom well before the actual menopause itself, eventually increasing their years of misery. In light of the fact that one can do very little towards altering one’s genetic constitution that might be making the individual more susceptible to hot flashes, the best solution is to learn ways to minimize their frequency and intensity, and gain knowledge about ways of coping with them to reduce one’s discomfort.

Although more closely associated with menopause, hot flashes are actually known to occur at several other times in a woman’s life such as pregnancy and lactation. If one regards stress as a key triggering factor, it would be prudent to follow stress managing techniques to stay away from hot flashes.

There are certain food items that are seen to initiate the occurrence of hot flashes. While some of the common food triggers are spicy foods, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine; these can vary amongst different individuals. Therefore, it would be a good idea to maintain a food diary in order to identify your specific trigger and thereafter refrain from its consumption. Maintain a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as the nutrients present in these food items aid in achieving the right hormonal balance, thereby promoting the general well being of the body. For this very reason, the intake of mineral or vitamin supplements is also recommended.

Remember that hot flashes are a momentary part of your life that is bound to pass no matter how long it takes. Therefore, be patient and help yourself by learning ways to deal with them.

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