Hemophilia And Menstruation  

Hemophilia is a condition that is characterized by excessive bleeding. Some people suffer from this condition due to genetic factors. Even if they get a small cut they may bleed or a long time. There is no binding factor in the tissues that can stop the bleeding. In some people it could also be the vitamin deficiency that is causing it. So people may suffer from hemophilia for different reasons. There are medications and topical creams that are available to improvise the condition.

In medical terms, hemophilia is a disorder that is linked to the X genes and it causes excessive bleeding and stops the clotting of the blood. It is a dangerous condition because sometimes internal bleeding can also occur. Internal bleeding is not visible to the human eye but it can happen in the tissues and joints for example. Until the recent times actually there was no treatment for hemophilia. This is called internal hemorrhaging. These days hemophilia is treated with the help of blood transfusion, but it does increase the risk of AIDS. Also, this treatment is also very expensive. Both men and women are susceptible to this condition, though it is very rare among women. However, women can be carriers of hemophilia, but these women tend to show some of the symptoms related to this blood disorder.

In women, when they experience excessive bleeding during their periods it is called menorrhagia. It is a serious condition and can lead to several complications if it is left untreated. Some of the symptoms of this condition that occurs more during the monthly periods are heavy bleeding, unusual amount of blood loss, nosebleeds and also bleeding from mouth and gums. However, one needs to identify if they have the condition correctly. Heavy bleeding that happens during menstruation need not necessarily be due to hemorrhagic but it also can be natural for them. Some women bleed more and there is nothing wrong with their health actually. Some of the gynecological problems also lead to excessive bleeding during the periods. Some people use intrauterine devices or take contraceptive pills for birth control. Even these can be contributing factors for causing excessive bleeding.

There are some symptoms accompanied with the condition like hemorrhage and unless they are present, the disease cannot be diagnosed. Also, women may experience bleeding for everything else also. Like gums and nose and sometimes even the ears can bleed. If you have any of these symptoms, then you should also discuss it with your gynecologist. They may do the appropriate tests to diagnose the condition. However, never ignore a condition like excessive bleeding in any case and always discuss it with your doctor.

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