Can Low Testerone Cause Mood Swings ?  

Testosterone is a very important hormone which plays a large role in reproduction and also sexual interests. A mans body produces testosterone mainly and a woman’s body produces testosterone in very small amounts. A woman's body produces about 10 percent of the testosterone that a man’s body produces. Testosterone is required by both men and women, and it has several important functionalities in the body.

Testosterone is produced naturally and it is a very good mood stabilizer. However, the absence of it can cause several damages and also cause depression and anxiety. Testosterone has several neurological functions in the body. The lack of it can cause short term depression and also trigger mood swings at a much younger age. That is men who are going through andropause experience mood swings. Moods swings are mainly because of imbalance in the hormone levels. Testosterone is an important male hormone and even slightly low levels can actually trigger the mood swings and unpredictable behavior in them.

Some of the symptoms that show that a man has low testosterone levels are irritability and anger for no reason, tensions and worry all the time and they are unable to deal with their problems. They also get frustrated for the smallest of things. Some men turn very demanding or have prolonged sadness. They will also show impatience and symptoms of anxiety. Some men turn aggressive and short tempered. Married people may experience unloving nature and withdrawn behavior from their spouses. One of the most common symptoms is depression. All of the symptoms may be present or a very few of them.

There can be many other causes for mood swings but low testosterone levels is one of the most common reasons in men. The lack of testosterone mainly causes something called the irritable male syndrome. When testosterone levels fall down in the body the levels of cortisol is on the rise. Cortisol can cause several mood swings and even anxiety. Also, when the hormonal levels are low, men will show a lack of interest in sex and also lack the libido.

However, there are several treatments available for curing the hormonal imbalance, including natural and alternate therapies. Men also can consider hormone replacement therapy for this kind of problem. However, all this has to be done with the doctor’s guidance and no medication should be self prescribed. Even for natural and alternative therapies a good physician should be consulted.

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