Lupus And Night Sweats  

Lupus is a kind of disease for which the cause is unknown. It could be genetic or hereditary or it may be caused due to environmental factors. Identifying the correct cause of lupus has not been possible so far. Lupus is known to be one of the many kinds of autoimmune diseases. It is a condition that affects the joints and the skin mainly.

If you look at people who have lupus, they have a discoloration on the skin and as the disease advances the discoloration becomes more severe. Lupus means wolf in Latin and it starts with a facial rash. So, the rash makes the person resemble a wolf more or less and that is why the condition is called lupus. However, there is no treatment for lupus either. A person may opt for plastic surgery and other such measures, but once the whole body is affected, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Also, there are variations of the disease.

Some of the researches also have indicated that lupus could have been caused due to viral or bacterial infection. Research also indicates that women are more susceptible to lupus than men. It is because there are eight time more women who suffer from this disorder than compared to men. Also, the condition of lupus starts worsening when there is exposure to sun, due to child birth and also puberty. Some of the medications may also be responsible for inducing lupus. Even menopause can trigger this condition in women including trauma and other such sudden changes. Since it is caused due to the sudden change by the auto immune system the reasons for lupus can be several.

Lupus is only known to affect the skin and the joints, but of late it has been associated with night sweats also. People who get severe night sweats and have lupus can be in a fix. Because lupus is not a condition that is going to go away and, therefore, they should find alternative cures for night sweats. That is why in order to deal with the problem of night sweats, they should consult a doctor and take some medications. They should also plan on wearing loose clothing during the night, so that that the sweatiness does not affect them so much. They should keep their bedroom as cool as possible, and also make alterations to their diet. Having an early dinner and a healthy one could help the condition greatly. Towards bed time, the person should avoid liquids and also salty and/or spicy food. These can cause more sweatiness.

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Lupus And Night Sweats




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