Tips For Dealing With Night Sweats  

Night sweats is a condition wherein the person sweats so badly at night while sleeping that he or she is woken up due to drenched bedclothes and sleepwear. This often requires the person to change the bed linen and sleepwear. People suffering from this condition find it quite challenging to deal with night sweats.

Usually, night sweats occur due to an underlying health condition, and the conditions that can cause this problem are tuberculosis, certain kinds of cancers, hyperthyroidism, AIDS, hormonal imbalance, cardiac-related problems and menopause. In such cases, the underlying health problem has to be treated in order to alleviate the night sweats. At times, certain medications, like corticosteroids, can also cause night sweats as a side effect.

If you are suffering from this problem, then you would be looking for tips for dealing with night sweats. Here are some tips that you will find highly beneficial and useful:

A person should be looking to eat food that is spice-free as well as oil-free. This will help to reduce the episodes of night sweats tremendously. In addition, stress is also known to cause night sweats, especially among men. So, people suffering from this condition should be looking to manage their stress levels by doing mediation or deep breathing exercises.

Fennel seeds are considered a natural remedy for controlling night sweats. A brew made from powdered fennel seeds can be consumed. In case you find the brew a little bitter, it can be made more palatable by adding some sugar. The brew should be consumed cool and had around 2 to 3 times in a day.

Another natural remedy for controlling night sweats is eating the humble raisin. Some black raisins should be soaked overnight in water and the following day, in the morning, these should be eaten. In addition, the water used for soaking the raisins should also be consumed.

People who suffer from night sweats should keep an ice pack handy. On waking up, they can use the ice pack to cool down and this will also help them to fall back to sleep.

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Tips For Dealing With Night Sweats




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Tips For Dealing With Night Sweats )
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