Postmenopause And The Chance Of Pregnancy  

Post menopause, women can still worry about getting pregnant if they have unprotected sex. This but natural, especially when they have spent their whole lives worry about an unwanted pregnancy and taking steps to ensure that it does not happen. However, when a woman is in the post menopause phase, it means that there are no more eggs in her ovaries and hence, the ovaries cannot release the matured egg for the sperm to fertilize. Hence, the chance of pregnancy post menopause does not exist.

Post menopause occurs several years after the woman enters menopause. However, in order to reach post menopause, the woman first has to go through perimenopause and then menopause. During perimenopause, the ovulation takes place intermittently and therefore, there are chances that the woman can get pregnant during the perimenopause phase. Menopause comes after the perimenopause phase and it occurs when the woman does not get her menstrual period for 12 consecutive months after her last menstrual period. Once the menopause period is over, the woman enter post menopause.

Usually, it is only after the woman completes menopause does she go to a doctor to find out whether she is post menopause or there is something the matter with her. On examination, if the doctor confirms that the woman is post menopause and that her ovaries are no longer producing any eggs, then there is no chance of pregnancy.

Once it has been confirmed by the doctor that the woman is in post menopause, she can enjoy her sexual life without worry about unwanted pregnancies. However, it is prudent even then to practice safe sex so that the woman is not exposed to any sexually transmitted disease.

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Postmenopause And The Chance Of Pregnancy




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Postmenopause And The Chance Of Pregnancy )
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