Long Distance Love Letters  

Every relationship need some form of communication in order for it to be a success. Hence, this is the reason why many long distance relationships fail. However, it is not necessary that your long distance relationship has to be doomed. If you are finding making phone calls too expensive to communicate with your partner, or you not finding the time to get online and chat, the think about writing long distance love letters.

Long distance love letters do not have to be long. They can short, cute and full of love. Make sure that your long distance love letter keeps reinforcing your love and how you long to spend all your time with the person. Your letter can talk about how the two of met and how in a whirlwind romance you fell so deeply in love that you cannot still believe it.

It is quite possible that if you and your partner are living in the same country, but different cities, you may try to catch up with each other on weekends. After coming back, you can send a love letter telling your partner how much you love and cherish the moments you spent with him or her and how you long for another long weekend to come so that you can again get to spend more time with him or her.

The purpose of long distance love letters is to keep both partners secure in the relationship. Hence, it is important to keep telling your partner that you still love him or her and think about them all day long.

Let your letter show the person how you feel and how much you miss him or her. Talk about the magical moments spent together and how you never wanted them to end. Tell your partner how much you miss their touch, their kiss and their presence. All this will help to keep your partner secure in the relationship. Keep the romance going, so that when you meet you do not have to start from square one. Instead, it will be like you were never apart.


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