Concept Of Adolescence  

The general concept of adolescence is the process of changes experienced by any human mind and body in the journey towards adulthood. It is a journey from infancy through adulthood. During adolescence significant changes take place in the biological, social and mental state of the human body.

It is not uncommon to find deficiencies in the mental growth in some children. This psychological growth is based on experiences the child has had during the earlier stages of his life. During their infant years, they lack logical thinking. Instead development of expressions and getting familiar with surroundings are more prevalent. With time, they gradually develop logic and start perceiving more facts. However, the logic here is not a matured one. The child views everything in black and white. There are no shades of gray at this stage. The shades of gray in logical reasoning and thinking only start developing during adolescence, though not completely.

We see usage of more logic and reasoning during adolescence. Along with mental development, teenagers go through important biological developments and changes in their bodies too. For example, growth of body hair in boys and girls, and girls start menstruation when they reach puberty. These physical changes bring about sexual maturity and interest in sexual activities. These changes are further influenced by their social surroundings and experiences. Overall, adolescence is the most important stage in human life which shapes the individual. It is here at this stage of growth and development that you can see what the adolescent would be like as an adult.

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Concept Of Adolescence




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