Development Of Girls Into Adolescence  

Adolescence is a transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. Beside the general mental and physical changes, it is manifested differently in either sex. Though mostly girls attain puberty around 8-13 years, this can vary depending on the culture and diet.

In some countries and cultures, adolescent girls are not treated fairly owing to preference over boys. Some cultures are more favorable toward boys. More often than not, the boys are treated well while their sisters are ignored or not given as much importance. This can influence the adolescent girl’s psychological growth. Unfair treatment at home makes girls develop differently psychologically. It opens them to harsher experiences of life very early and that is why adolescent girls in these cultures may end up being more resilient and resigned to their fate. These experiences shape their mental development, which greatly varies from that of boys. Also, many countries discriminate their young teenage generation based on gender. This discrimination affects the psychological growth in the adolescent girl population.

Physical development in girls starts with menstruation and production of the estrogen hormone. And then this leads to development of female characteristics. This is when a girl becomes aware of her body. The time of physical development can vary in girls and one cannot put a fixed age to it. Some girls will develop earlier than others..

This unfair treatment to girls in many countries and culture are the cause of differential growth in adolescent girls. The young minds cannot understand the reasons and logic behind this discrimination. This is a global problem recognized by the United Nations. Since 1999, many programs are in effect to promote awareness about psychological growth in adolescent girls.

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Development Of Girls Into Adolescence




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