Eating Disorders In Adolescence  

Adolescence is a complex stage of growth in any teenager's life. This is a transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. The teenager goes through whole lot of changes, both physically and emotionally. He or she can also start suffering from anxiety, depression and other types of disorders. A teenager, especially girls, become obsessed with the way they look and appear. At times, this can lead to eating disorders in adolescence.

According to reports, eating disorders in adolescence, especially girls, are increasing. In the last three decades the rate of eating disorders has jumped by 5 percent. There are primarily two types of eating disorders in adolescence. One is anorexia nervosa and the other bulimia nervosa. In anorexia, the adolescent will restrict the amount of food he or she consumes, while in bulimia, the adolescent indulges into binge eating and tries to negate the effect of the eating by vomiting, fasting or purging. Both these eating disorders can cause serious psychological problems and also biological problems. They can even be fatal.

Although eating disorders are seen also in young adults, the phase that adolescents are going through during adolescence ensures that eating disorders in adolescence is treated completely differently from other adults with similar disorders. Basically if an adolescent uses unhealthy practices to control weight and is obsessed about his or her weight, shape and figure, then it can be said that the adolescent may be suffering from an eating disorder. At the same time, the physician also has to take into account the weight in comparison to the height and also ensure that the adolescent has reach that stage of sexual maturation that is ideal for his or her age. Based on these findings, the adolescent will then be sent for psychotherapy and counseling, so that he or she can overcome up eating disorder.

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Eating Disorders In Adolescence




Needs-Of-Adolescence      Adolescence is the period that comes between childhood and adulthood. It is a transitional phase, which can make a teenager vulnerable to many things, psychologically as well as physically. It is a phase when many harmful habits are acquired. An adolescent may take up smoking, abusing drugs or drinking alcohol. All these habits can wreak havoc with the health of the teenager. So, a parent should pay utmost attention to the needs of adolescence. More..





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