Physical Effects Of Acne In Adolescence  

Acne is a skin disease which is caused due to production of a hormone known as androgen. This hormone is produced in both boys and girls. Androgen is instrumental in producing excessive amount of oil or sebum in the skin which, in turn, clogs the pores of the skin leading to pimples. These pimples are primarily caused due to dirt and dust trapped in the pores under the oil.

This problem is more noticeable during adolescence when teenagers are going through biological changes causing a fluctuation in their hormone levels.  

Acne affects the face of most teenagers. Usually teenagers associate self esteem with their looks and features. It is usual that teenagers give more importance to their physical appearance more than anything else. Nature and personality comes second to the physical features. This is especially true among teenage girls. Therefore, having acne can cause a lot of problems with self-esteem. This problem is more compounded in girls than boys.

When a teenager, especially a girl, suffers from acne, he or she will have low levels of confidence and self-esteem. They will also feel insecure and find it difficult to take to other teenagers, especially those of the opposite gender.

Acne can create havoc in teenage boy or girl’s confidence and self-esteem. They start considering themselves inferior to those who are not affected with acne. They start avoiding social gatherings and suffering from depression. The huge importance to physical features leads to lack of confidence and finally this can have a negative impact on their personality.

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Physical Effects Of Acne In Adolescence




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Physical Effects Of Acne In Adolescence )
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