Social And Emotional In Development Adolescence  

No doubt adolescence is a very difficult period. It is a stage when a child is taking first steps into adulthood, but still not considered an adult. Social and emotional development in adolescence has fascinated psychologists for centuries. It is mystery that is still being unraveled and new research is constantly being conducted.

However, Erik Erickson, a noted theorist, theory on social and emotional development in adolescence has been the accepted norm for decades. According to Erickson, adolescence is a period where a child is trying to seek acceptance of those around him and at the same time forming his own identity. This the period where a teenager feels he is a part of group but still independent enough to make his own decisions. This aids in the teenager developing and forming his own identity.

A teenager who is unable to form his own identity ultimately has problems with his social and emotional development. He cannot figure out what his role is in the society and this leads the teenager to make wrong choices and decisions.

However, many things influence a teenager's social and emotional development. He is influenced extremely by his family and group. His family plays a big role in formulating his values, beliefs and morals. His group is instrumental in influencing the way he interacts with others, dresses and behaves. Usually the group of peers is more dominant as the teenager is still forming his identity. He is unable to judge right from wrong or good from bad. Usually the peer group is composed of teenagers of the same gender.

In addition, the hormonal changes that a teenager is going through biologically can affect his emotions. He can be extremely volatile and needs his peer group's support to either reduce or fan the volatility. This emotional upheaval is also because the teenager is trying to find his identity.

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Social And Emotional In Development Adolescence




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