STDs Commonly Found In Adolescence And Young Adulthood  

Adolescence brings about a drastic change in both physical and psychological traits. Along with some major physical changes, teenagers start showing interest in sex and sexual activities. This poses danger of unprotected sexual behavior, which can result in acquiring many sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

If a teenager ends up suffering from an STD, it can have a long lasting negative affect in his or her physical and mental health. 

In adolescence, boys and girls tend to be careless and start experimenting with sexual activities. This is the period when a teenager can even indulge in sexual activity with someone from the same sex. However, the fact remains that many teenagers are more conducive to having unprotected sex, and thereby increasing their chances of contracting STDs.

Young teenagers frequently ignore taking protection during sexual intercourse. This causes teenagers to suffer from sexually transmitted disease. Immaturity and ignorant behavior can cause many dreadful diseases like HIV, gonnorhea, chlamydia, urethritis, anogenital conditions and hepatitis B. Young teenagers who practice unprotected sex are also at high risk of gastrointestinal disease and herpes.  

Today, HIV infections are spreading at an alarming rate in the adolescent population. This is mostly because they do not take adequate protection when engaging in sexual intercourse. This behavior causes more adolescents to get infected with HIV. Nowadays, many awareness campaigns and events are being organized to spread awareness among teenagers about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. These campaigns and programs are also stressing the need to use protection.

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Stds Commonly Found In Adolescence And Young Adulthood




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Stds Commonly Found In Adolescence And Young Adulthood )
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