Understanding Stages Of Death In Adolescence  

Adolescence is a journey from childhood to adulthood. Mental development shows changes in most areas of their brains. The curiosity to know about the world, encouraged by teachers and parents leads them to develop their own perceptions about life. Difficult subjects of life impact their brain in both positive and negative ways, and sometimes even scare them. Parents find these subjects difficult to talk about to their teenager without misleading them.

One of the most sensitive subjects that attracts a teenager attention is death. In fact, many teenagers are morbidly fascinated by death and all that is related to death. Parents tend to simplify the subject matter and make it less scary when a teenager asks questions about death. Although teenagers are considered to be nearly adults, they are still shielded from the harsh reality. Most of their knowledge is from friends and maybe reading. However, this can give a skewed understanding of the topic.

It has been noticed that teenagers, who have had a family member die, is more attuned to the reality of death and the pain caused by it.

But, not everybody is lucky. Some kids are born into social situations where they have alcoholic parents or parents using drugs. These traumatic situations often make them witness everyday violence, sometimes even being a victim themselves. This creates a deep impact on their psychological state of mind. Such children learn the ways of life like violence and death differently in their own world of violence. It influences their perception. They learn about things unheard of by most teenagers. However, this occurs in a small percentage of the teenage population.

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Understanding Stages Of Death In Adolescence




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