Adolescence Psychology  

Any psychological problems and issues in adolescents are dealt with the help of adolescence psychology. Adolescence is a period that falls between childhood and adulthood, and usually this transitional phase begins from the age of 11 and lasts until the age of 19. However, according to the WHO, adolescence starts from 10 and continues right until the age of 20.

When a child enters adolescence, his or her body goes through a series of physical and emotional changes. This is a confusing period the teenagers and they may not know how to handle these changes. This is the time when teenagers begin to spend more time with their peers. They often do not want to spend time with adults and as a result conflict between teenagers and parents increase creating a rift between the two.More...


Sex Education Disadvantages

Sex Education Disadvantages

Sex education is also referred to as sexuality education and is a type of education that imparts knowledge and helps to form beliefs and attitudes about sex, sexual relationships, sexual intimacy and sexual identity of a child, particularly a teenager.More...


Social Identity Theory

Social Identity Theory

Social identity theory explain how people form a feeling of membership and belonging when they join a particular group. In addition, the theory also explains how discrimination between various different groups work. It is an important theory when it comes to social psychology.More...


How To Handle A Troubled Teen ?

How To Handle A Troubled Teen

If you have a troubled teen, then you should know how to handle the teen without being labeled as the bad person in the house or making you feel that you have no control over the situation. Nothing is worse than having a troubled teen.More...


Concept Of Adolescence

Concept Of Adolescence

         The general concept of adolescence is the process of changes experienced by any human mind and body in the journey towards adulthood. It is a journey from infancy through adulthood. During adolescence significant changes take place in the biological, social and mental state of the human body.More...


Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks ?

Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are generally rare among teenagers but it does mean that they cannot suffer from one. The first thing to understand it is not normal for a teenager to suffer from a heart attack. This is because a teenager is supposed to be in good and healthy physical shape.More...





Physical-Effects-Of-Acne-In-Adolescence      Acne is a skin disease which is caused due to production of a hormone known as androgen. This hormone is produced in both boys and girls. Androgen is instrumental in producing excessive amount of oil or sebum in the skin which, in turn, clogs the pores of the skin leading to pimples. These pimples are primarily caused due to dirt and dust trapped in the pores under the oil. More..





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