Effects Of Peer Pressure On Teenagers  

The way a person thinks, behaves, dresses and the kinds of music or movies he or she likes tends to have an impact the way the person is perceived by the society. This is one of the main reasons why people, especially teenagers, are influenced by the lifestyle of their peer group. The lifestyle of a peer groups often forces a teenager to change his or her way of leading life and looking at it. This is not anything abnormal, as it is human nature to follow the crowd.

Very few teenagers have the courage or strength to resist peer pressure. Peer pressure can be positive or negative. If you follow the peer pressure blindly, then it will have a negative effect on you. However, if you can analyze the peer pressure and then act accordingly, it will have a positive effect on you.

Many times, teenagers are forced to behave or act in a way they do not like. This is negative peer pressure. The reason that the teenager goes along with negative peer pressure is because he or she is afraid of being rejected by the group and losing friendships. However, by giving into negative peer pressure, a teenager ends up being unhappy even without knowing it. But as acceptance and being part of a group is important during adolescence, the teenager goes along with the flow.

Negative peer pressure can make a teenager drink, smoke, indulge into unsafe sex, youth crimes and even get into drugs. If a teenager gives into negative peer pressure against his or her will, they can end up ruining their lives.

Teenage period is the time when a teenager is trying to carve his or her own identity. However, giving into to negative peer pressure can make a teenager lose his or her individuality. They can blindly follow what their peers say and do.

On the other hand, there are also positive effects of peer pressure. Here, the teenager analyzes and contemplates the way a group behaves and not picks up those habits that are beneficial. Also, by analyzing and contemplating, the teenager learns the way of life and being selective in their choices.

Positive peer pressure can help a teenager mold his or her personality and bring about a change in their personality and behavior that is positive in nature. The pressure influences the teenager to change for the better and make the correct choices in life.

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Effects Of Peer Pressure On Teenagers




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