How Do Social Life Affect Identity ?  

When it comes to interacting with people or having a social life, identity is requirement. All of us are worried about how others perceive us, and this basically comes from the values, priorities and preferences we have. So, out identity is affected by our social life.

A person's social identity comes from his or her personality, self esteem and the roles he or she plays. All these are acquired from social interactions that the person has with various groups that he or she is a member of. Then by comparing oneself to others and through self perception, we behave accordingly. People make a conscious effort to make good impression on others and this helps them to keep their self identity intact.

When a person is ready to interact with other on a social level, he or she will take utmost care of their appearance, they may use props to enhance their image further and they will often rehearse in how to talk and interact in a social setting.

A person's social identity is molded to a certain extent from the group he or she belongs to. A person can be a member of many different groups, and he or she will always have the tendency to view their group more favorably compared to groups they are not members of. Based on the interactions that a person has at a social setting, his identity is forged. Here, the person's self perception, self image, and self esteem are formed. A person's behavior in a social setting helps to either enhance self perception, self image and self esteem, or it can have the opposite effect. However, it should be mentioned besides social life, even culture plays a big role in developing a person's identity. 

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How Do Social Life Affect Identity




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